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Specialists in Kayak and Stand-up Paddle Board Instruction

Do you need a lesson?   Like anything – learn the right way to reduce the chance of injury, fatigue, maximize efficiency and therefore pleasure.  You want it to be easy right?  Learn the right way.

Downunder instructors have been trained by leading authorities in Paddle Sports including the ACA – American Canoe Association, ASI – Academy of Surfing & SUP Instructors, WPA – World Paddling Association and PaddleFit.  All of our staff members are trained by our instructors in skills, group management, and safety.  They are first aid and CPR certified.



SUP Basics 1hr: $55 includes SUP rental

Learn the fundamentals of SUP boarding in a safe flat-water environment.  This class follows the outline of the Kayaking Quickstart class, with extra emphasis on balance and coordination.  We begin with skills on the dock, and take things gradually – leaving the dock in a kneeling position until clear of the boat channel, practising skills on our knees before standing, and then once standing incorporating the skills into a paddle.  Once mobile we focus on turning, paddling straight, and form.  We carry a wide variety of boards that are stable and very forgiving, and that accommodate up to 300+ lbs – do be sure to let us know if you the paddler is over 250lbs so we have the right equipment ready for them.

Hooked on SUP! 1 hr: $60 includes SUP rental ($55 if you've taken SUP Basics)

Most people only remember 25% in their first class, so we recommend you return for a refresher that allows us to review and polish your skills, adding on advanced techniques as you grasp the elements.  We'll review your stance, hand positioning, form, and strokes  Advanced skills includes cross bow draw, pivot turns, draw stroke, towing, rescues.

SUP Skills & Technique Clinic: Group $60 includes SUP rental, Private $100

Join the owner, Kim Beaumont, for a review of where you're at and things to work on.  She'll video tape you paddling, go over it with you, and provide guidance on how to improve.    



Private instruction is offered either on-site or off-site at a location of your choosing.  We also have guides available for hire, on-site and off.

  • Private Lesson: $100, 30% discount off additional hours
  • Semi-Private Lesson: $85 each for 2 people, $70 each for 3 people, $60 each for 4 or more.  Equipment included.
  • (20% discount if using own boards – please be sure to let us know in advance)


SUP Lessons for Kids!


Kids LOVE to SUP, and they're actually really good at it… once they master the skills and equipment.  There is a learning curve for everyone, but kids have an additional challenge – the boards are usually larger than ideal for their size, making them harder to maneuver.

We recommend signing them up for private lesson, or a semi private with yourself or other family members.  We make sure that we have enough staff to accommodate the ages you're bringing along – so please be sure to share that with us when you book, and any information that will help us make your experience exceptional! 

Learn together and see how empowering it is!




Quickstart Lesson: Private $100, Semi-Private per person $85(2), $70(3), $55(4 or more)

Classes start at 1 hour, 5 people or more 2 hours +
Sit-on-top kayaks are also referred to as ocean kayaks.  They are far easier and safer than cockpit-style/sit-inside sea kayaks.  This class is for beginners and focused on the recreational kayaker who wants to learn the skills to make their paddling experience optimal – efficient and injury free! We have two sizes for our single kayaks, a 9'6 nomad (ideally 200 capacity) and a 11'2 juntos (350 lb capacity).

What you'll learn about:

  • Equipment:  boat/board, paddle, lifejacket
  • Safety:  Local area, weather, tides
  • Paddle Plan:  based on the conditions, destination
  • Posture and stretching
  • Strokes:  forward, backwards, turns, rudder, sideways
  • Bearing:  paddling straight towards an object, stroke refinement
  • Paddling in Wind & Current:  adjustments you can make to your stroke to accommodate
  • Rescues and Capsizes:  how to assist someone that needs help – boat swapping, towing.  What to do if you capsize, how to self rescue and how to perform an assisted rescue.  Demonstrated by instructor – participation is optional.




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