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 PaddleFit Calendar

Brody Welte created the comprehensive stand up paddling specific fitness system called PaddleFIT, and has appeared in publications such as: Shape, Self, Fitness and Coastal Living magazines.


Welcome to PaddleFIT!

PaddleFit is a complete fitness system that takes you through a physical assessment which we then use to develop a clearly defined path that will help you achieve your goals.  Our combined land and water program makes the most of our natural resources to challenge you both physically and mentally, and the bonus – it develops and enhances your paddling skill.

Participants should have at least basic SUP experience.

PaddleFIT Complete

Combining both land and water training creates a complete workout. Our interval based class will incorporate land strength exercises with paddling. Elevating your heart rate combined with strength exercises will have you feeling the positive effects long after the class is over.

Beginners must have completed either a PaddleFit Intro class or a PaddleFit Challenge.

PaddleFIT Intro Class – $25
Get familiar with the PaddleFit program at a slower pace as you learn the exercises and activities involved, so that when you join a class you feel confident and prepared. $25

Pre-requisite for any PaddleFit classes – you must already know how to paddle.  If you don't, take a lesson and get a PaddleFit intro class for free.

Free PaddleFIT Challenge!
Offered every 3 weeks – check the calendar for details.

Find out what your fitness and paddling skill level is while checking out the innovative and exciting PaddleFit Program. We're sure you'll get hooked on it! The challenge involves timed exercises on land, a timed paddle, and some sample activities of what we do in a class.

Check the calendar, or call Karen at 203-956-6217

PaddleFIT Program:

  – Dynamic warm-up
  – Interval training
  – Cardio endurance
  – Paddling skill building
  – Core strength development
  – Paddling technique
  – Balance
  – Injury prevention

Things to Bring:

  – Board (it's always better to paddle your own equipment if you have it, you are welcome to use ours if needed) paddle and life vest
  – Water bottle
  – Towel
  – Water shoes (Optional)
  – Heart rate monitor/GPS (Optional)

All of our classes are 10 people and under, so we can focus on individual performance and instruction.

  – weight loss
  – improving your overall health
  – conditioning
  – pushing your paddling technique to new heights
  – a fresh approach to working out!


Become part of our growing PaddleFIT community!


Follow the latest PaddleFit videos at:


PaddleFIT Instructor Certification
at Downunder, 2015 – keep posted

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