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Paddle Boards We Carry
(and those on sale)


Packages Starting at $995!

Package Includes:
– Fiberglass or Softop Paddle Board
– Adjustable Paddle
– Ankle Leash
– Group Lesson

Boards Eligible for Package:
Boardworks B'Ray 10'6 – softop
Riviera 11'6 – full fiberglass – variety of colors

Downunder carries a comprehensive line of stand-up paddle boards that we feel are the best representation of what's on the market, what's ideal for our paddling environment and paddling community.

Boards are available for rent, for sale and to demo — allowing you to 'give it a go' before you buy.  It's personal — what you love could be a totally different experience for someone else.  Try them out, get a feel for the sport, and understand the differences between boards — then choose your baby.  Below you can follow the hyperlinks for each company to view their whole line.  If you want it and we don't carry it, chances are we can get it for you!

Stand-up paddling extends across borders, genders, cultures, and generations.  It evokes excitement in all who give it a go.  Downunder brings you a wide range of products to inspire adventure in all types of paddlers and allow everyone to explore all the avenues of stand-up paddling — flatwater, whitewater, expedition, surfing, and racing.



Boardworks | Catalog
“We at Boardworks are passionate about all things to do with the ocean and water lifestyle we all embrace. Our goal is to share that passion, to promote respect for the planet, its creatures and each other and to make surfing and stand up paddle more fun for more people.” Boardworks represents some of the best shapers in the world and bring their premier models to the global water community manufactured with our proprietary construction technologies.

Raven 12'6"

The award winning Raven has been Boardworks most popular model for many reasons. Designed for glide and stability in flat or choppy water, it is the perfect all purpose board for lakes, bays, harbors, and deep docile rivers. Ideal for touring, fitness, and recreational racing. The Raven features beautiful bamboo veneer and Northwest Native American inspired graphics. It comes with a LiftSUP handle for easy portage and tie downs for bringing gear.
A sandwich molded standup paddle board that is light, tight, and very durable. Each Boardworks TEC-V board consists of a dual-density core, (EPS bonded to a veneer outer shell), fiberglass, and the finest epoxy resins. Our construction process results in SUPs with amazing strength to weight ratio. Our boards have a "feel" in the water that paddlers of all abilities will.

12'6" retails for $1,549

The Raven comes in an 11'6" – we've got that size covered by the Wet Woody Sport, from the Lakeshore Board Company

B-Ray 10'6"

Plenty wide with ample glide, the B Ray is the perfect introductory SUP board. Soft on the top and rails for extra comfort, safety, and durability, the B Ray is a fun board for the whole family.

  • Full EVA wrapped deck and rails with an EVA traction pad inlay
  • High density nose and tail EVA Crash bumper's
  • Slick Skin bottom
  • EPS foam core, fiberglass epoxy resin, dual wood stringers for stiffness and strength
10'6" retails for $859 or part of our board package for $995 (includes board, an adjustable paddle, ankle leash, group lesson, and coast guard approved life jacket).

Boga Boards

Boga Boards
"The Boga team is proud to offer an affordable, high quality line of stand up boards designed to meet the widest range of use in today's most popular paddle board disciplines. Our line of boards feature the high quality construction, performance and value which riders of all levels should demand. Whether you cruise lakes or paddle surf, the Boga team has designed a quality stand up board and paddle to meet your needs."

10'6 Mahina (recreational touring) $1,145
11 Classic – painted $1,195 or bamboo $1,375, orange or carribean (blue) – (recreational touring)
11'2 Tiburon (displacement hull) $1,195


"The Dolsey Designs mission is to be recognized for providing the best quality and value watersports equipment.   Dolsey Designs prides itself on offering the most technically advanced, innovative, best performing, most stable and durable SURF and SUP equipment available, at the best value."

11'4" Bam Bam is what we carry in our fleet because it's super stable and hard to damage $1,199


Kings Paddle Sports | Product Guide

Kings 14' Elite

The King’s Elite racer is super stable yet incredibly fast. They have a very slight vee running the entire length of the board – the bow is designed to very gently displace water without causing a wake – the cockpit is sunken so your feet are as close as possible to the surface of the water–the bottom side of the tail has a slight roll allowing the water to gently release off the end of the board. Tracks straight, highly stable, easy to paddle, have unequalled glide, are super fast and have a long list of race wins!

Carbon construction uses their exclusive vacuum bagging techniques – removes trapped air between layers, compacts the fiber layers for efficient force transmission among fiber bundles and prevents shifting of fiber orientation during cure, reduces humidity, optimizes the fiber-to-resin ratio in the composite part.

The X-Weave version is layers of Kevlar cloth weaved into a diamond pattern. This material is very light and strong – same as used in bullet proof vests. The boards are not as light as carbon because they are not vacuum bagged which means they have extra fiberglass on them.  However they are durable.

Carbon – $2670
X-Weave – $2195

Lakeshore Paddling Company

LPC Catalog
"Lakeshore Paddleboard Company designs and manufactures stand-up paddleboards specifically for the flat-water market with a core focus on the recreational and fitness aspects of this sport.  Our main goal is to offer a premium brand which truly represents a “lifestyle”; a lifestyle consisting of health, adventure, fun, and freedom.  Lakeshore’s stand-up paddleboards are the ultimate watercraft for exploration, discovery, fitness, and individual expression.  Our board designs are different from the typical 'surf-style' SUPs because they have characteristics unique only to flat-water paddling, and they have a displacement hull – designed to cut through chop easily."

Wet Woody Sport 11'6"

Designed as one of our sport models, this board is fast, agile, and very responsive….yet still very stable. A sport inspired graphics scheme combined with the same beautiful wood finish as its larger counterpart gives this board the looks that match its performance.  The Wet Woody Sport is a perfect fit for the typical sports enthusiast and a great size for training, fitness, and all around recreation.

Retails for $1,349

Sunset Cruiser 12'6"

Red Paddle

Red Paddle

Inflatable Race and Recreational boards that defy everything you thought about inflatables.  18-25 psi = super rigid, no buckling in the middle!  The race boards even have battons that insert along the rails.  Several layers of pvc contribute to the strength.  Comes in a wheelable back pack, with a phone pack, and room to put a 3 pc paddle inside.  We're super stoked with this product.

10'6" Ride               12'6" Race


Riviera | Catalog

"Riviera Paddlesurf was born from a family's love of SUP surfing. Established in coastal Southern California 2007 as the leading brand exclusive to creating Stand Up Paddle specific products only, Riviera Paddlesurf is still family owned and operated. We are stoked to produce premier designs utilizing the newest technologies that bring together and inspire people to live adventure filled, healthy lifestyles. Our signature line Riviera is ideal for a beginner, novice or expert."

Available as a board package for $995, including an adjustable paddle, ankle leash, and group lesson.



Rogue's mission is to support and promote the lifestyle and sport of stand up paddling. They create specialized, high performance products with innovative technology and powerful graphics at a competitve price. They've designed boards that excel in surf, flat water, downwinders and river runs. Play hard, paddle harder are words they live by. Rogue believes in a balanced lifestyle that supports and encourages high work ethic, exhiliration and peace of mind.

11'2" x 31" Retail $1,549


Rogue Race Boards:  Vandal 14' ($2,299) and Psycho 12'6 ($2,199) to our lineup.
The Grom kids race board 9'6 ($1199).


Our Tiki symbol is stemming from the ancient fun loving godking of water and waves, the legendary Inca sun god Tiki Vichara, who in Thor Heyerdahl's Kon Tiki memoires is said to have traveled from Peru to Polynesia.
Starboard SUP is the leading innovators of Stand Up Paddle with the world's most comprehensive range of shapes and technology options!

When it comes to R&D…
We are frankly speaking, quite paranoid about being ahead of the game.  We introduced full Sandwich Carbon boards for wave and Allround boards 4 years ago and already the weight savings are up to 3 kg or well over 6 pounds. The impact weight has on how your board rides is tremendous.

Our riders are very important to the development of our products. We constantly ask our team for feedback and are always having people come in and out of our Thailand Headquarters to test boards, work with our R&D team and to better improve our products. No board goes into production that has not been tested, retested, and tested again. 

Astro Junior Inflatable 10'6"

The outline and rocker offer maximum glide to get kids paddling a board correctly sized for them. The Astro Junior fits in a backpack and can be inflated in a few minutes. Astro technology is also the safest option for kids. German SUP Magazine: "Most probably the only real kids board in the market. The new Astro Junior Racer is 10'6"x25", a perfect board for 5 to 12 year old kids. The board is incredibly light, so kids can easily carry it alone."

Retails for $899.

Atlas 12' x 33"

The Atlas is perfect for middle to heavy-weight new-comers to the sport wanting to explore coastlines, lakes, rivers and yet have a board to check out local breaks. The length and smooth rocker promotes good glide for riders at all levels. Generous nose kick and ample tail kick make it an easy board for catching waves. The thin nose profile helps keep the swing weight down. Deck inserts are provided on the nose of the board for gear storage.
The wide hull with voluminous middle rails creates a stable platform with good glide and surfs well defying its size.

Starshot Blue retails for $1,299

Astro Blend Inflatable 11'2"

The Astro Blend is an inflatable version of one of the most popular SUP's in the world. Whether you're flatwater paddling, whitewater paddling, or surfing, the Astro Blend brings as much versatility to the table as its rigid counterpart. The Astro Blend is an easy choice for paddlers that want the convenience and durability of an inflatable that performs well.

Retails for $1,194

All Star 12'6"

“Maximum performance in any conditions, from chop to ocean swell”

The All Star is an all-rounder race board with highly diverse characteristics. It’s fast in chop, great for beach-start racing, fantastic for downwinders, yet competitive in flat water. The middle and upper part of the rails are raised and box-shaped around the standing area, providing added volume/stability. A medium-round bow penetrates upwind, and provides a slippery ride through and over waves downwind. Just sufficient nose volume makes the nose shoot through waves and pop up again with minimal friction.

The flattened-out nose section rocker maximizes the waterline and increases the speed. Its sharp edge at the tucked under mid-section increases the release for surf. The tail section with extra volume lifts the board up for early surfing in bumps and makes it especially easy to turn around buoys. The All Stars are narrow, fast hulls with surprisingly good stability, enabling you to keep your paddle closer to the center-line of the board. A state-of-the-art full sandwich PVC, UD carbon technology is extra-stiff and super-durable.

12'6" Retails for $2,700


Suplove | Suplove Catalog

Suplove began life as Sydney Australia’s first accredited Stand Up Paddle training company. We were the first company accredited by the Acadamy of Surf Instructors (ASI) and the only company with every trainer individually accredited by ASI. Suplove strongly believes that ongoing training and skills development is the best way to get the most out of your SUP experience. Suplove powers Manly and Pittwater Stand Up Paddle Schools in Sydney and our first southern California Stand Up Paddle School is in the works.

Escape 10'6"

The Escape and Adventurer are great boards from our Lifestyle range – will take you down your favorite river or along your favorite coastline, hand crafted with a bamboo deck – strong, durable and light.   At 10'6" the Escape is ideal for the smaller paddler, anyone looking for manueverability, and it's a great crossover surf board. 

Retails for $1,440 with Custom Deck Pad $1,550.

Adventurer 11'2"

The Adventurer is great for most paddlers, it's extra length helps with tracking – going straight, and gives it a bit more speed.  Also crosses over to a surfboard – has flanker fins, that you can add if/when taking to the surf. 

Retails for $1,475
with Custom Deck Pad $1,550

"All our board use compressed cell technology – high quality cut foam, vacuum packed multiple times ensuring fiberglass is bonded to the foam. Will not expand or contract in heat, cold or altitude – thus no vent plug! We don’t need it."  12 month manufacturers guarantee.

Custom Traction Pads below – please check with the store as to what we have in stock.  Others are special orders.


Surftech | Board Catalog (pdf fromSurftech)
Surftech is a leading designer and developer of branded boards and accessories that enhance paddling performance.  The company builds and markets boards for such well-known brands as Bark Paddle, Laird Hamilton, Surftech, Gerry Lopez, Takayama, and more.  Twenty years in the business speaks for itself — the highest quality and performance boards on the market.  Paddled by SUP race champions.

Bark 12'6" Competitor

Joe Bark teamed up with Surftech to produce a line of Tuflite competitive boards —  the ultimate in performance and durability.  Raced all over the world by celebrity paddlers Slater Trout, Candice Appleby, and Aaron Napoleon. Great for all circumstances training and downwind runs.  The displacement entry into a planing hull provides the efficiency needed for sprint paddling in all wind and water conditions.  Measures 12’6”, 29” wide, 6.5” thick.  Made of Tuflite and retails for $2270.

Renowned women's SUP champion Candice Appleby has a board designed to her specifications 12'6 x 27" to give her the competitive edge.  Most recently she won the US SUP TOUR Huntington Beach, CA 2014.

Retails for $2,315.



Yoloboard – You Only Live Once
After extensive research and development, founders Jeff Archer and Tom Losee determined that there was a need for more of a hybrid style stand-up paddle board – one that not only has its roots in traditional surfing but also in other related paddle sports, such as canoeing and kayaking.  Yolo embraces it’s “You Only Live Once” attitude by offering a variety of boards for all paddlers.  Our favorites are the 10'6 Eclipse and the 12' Original, with beautiful graphics, bamboo decks, and superior traction pads.  A price point variation is the Coastal Cruiser, with a matte finish and full traction pad, lending a softop feel.

Yolo Coastal Cruiser 11' | 12'

The YOLO Coastal Cruiser provides the same superior stability and benefits as the best-selling 12’ Original at a great price point. With a cool old school matte finish and a soft top EVA deck surface – great family board/kids dogs – a soft landing for all. With its traditional planning hull, the Coastal Cruiser offers ease of use for all water conditions and experience levels. Manufactured with YOLO Board’s groundbreaking 3D Expanding Technology, the Coastal Cruiser includes a built-in bungee system for your PFD, fishing setups, or water bottle, traction pad, box fin and back leash grommets, convenient GoPro camera mount and a Gortex two way self-breathing valve. Center carry handle well.

11' & 12' retails at $995.

 Yolo Eclipse 10’6”

The Eclipse is a great board for those that want a little less board – something a bit smaller = more maueverable.  Great for petite or athletic paddlers, or simply because it’s your personal preference.  A great crossover board – paddles well in flat water and surf (tri fin set-up).  10” fin, traction pad, center carry handle well, front and rear grommets, and an air-release valve.  Rider recommended limit 185 lbs.  Measures: 10’6”, 29.5” wide, 4 ¾” thick, and retails for $1435.   Comes in the turtle graphic and seafoam.

The Original 12’

Individually hand-shaped, this board is designed for all conditions – flat water or surf.  Its width makes it a very stable board and its length means that once you get going, you get going!  10” fin, traction pad, center carry handle well, front bungee system, front and rear grommets, and an air-release valve.  Rider recommended limit 250 lbs.  Measures: 12’, 31.5” wide, 4 ¾” thick, and retails for $1,495.  Comes in the turtle graphic and seafoam.

Land Paddling / Skateboards

Kahuna Creations | Penny Nickel | Sector 9

Land Paddling.
SUPs led the way for this trend – land paddling on your longboard.  The Kahuna Big Stick gives you speed, control, breaking capabilities, and a full workout while on a longboard skateboard.  It’s the strongest land paddle, and built with Hawaiian fabric and a fiberglass wrap for weatherproof endurance. Guaranteed not to break.  Retails for $149.

Other Boards we carry!

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