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Westport, CT

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Rowayton Guided Tours
Reservations online or through the stores – call if there's no availability online!

Guided Tour Pricing & Info | Rowayton Paddle Chart

We are located on the flat water Five Mile River, which was actually named for the Five Mills that were on it.  An extraordinary paddling environment suitable for all ages and experience levels. 

It's 3/4 mile to the mouth of the river (takes about 10 mins), on the way you'll pass Tokeneke Creek – a gorgeous estuary.  Upriver you can paddle under White Bridge to a secluded area where at mid tide water falls over a natural dam.  As the river is tidal, both of these paddle destinations are high tide. 

From the mouth of the river you head out into Long Island Sound, beautiful bays and beach communities (private), islands and estauries as noted below. 

You may visit all the destinations on your own, and there are a few that we offer as guided tours at regularly scheduled times. And of course you may hire a guide at any time to escort you.

Full Moon Tour (2 hours)
Probably our most popular tour, offered in both locations – in September just in Westport.  Kayaks only as it's hard to see where you're going on a paddle board in the dark, and to interpret what the water is doing.  We don't want anyone in the drink!  Paddlers meet on the dock where they're outfitted with lifejackets and paddles, given a review of strokes and skills, light sticks are attached to their life jackets, and solar lanterns to the front of their kayaks.  An hour before dark guides lead you out to the sound (in Rowayton to the Fish Islands) for a serene experience of paddling in twilight.  On the way back you're paddling directly towards a huge moon, bathed in moonlight.  Children 16 years+ unless it's a private tour.  Cost- rentals + $15pp = $60 in a single kayak, $80 in a double kayak.  Reservations online or through the stores – call if there's no availability online! 

Family/Beginner Fun on the River (2 hours)

On your own or Guided

In this high-tide paddle we will explore Indian Creek, then head upriver to the White Bridge, before heading downriver to Tokeneke Creek and perhaps out into the Sound to give you a feel for what it’s like.  Maybe next time you’ll venture out to the coves or islands.  Bring the kids along and we’ll include some games and activities that will entertain and challenge them – you too, if you’re interested!  Doing the limbo as you paddle under the docks, figure eight around the buoys, ball/sponge games (when it’s hot, this is a welcome activity!), follow the leader, wildlife identification, maybe try a capsize and learn how to get back in your boat!  Scheduled group tours:  rentals + $15/adult , $10/child.

Fish Islands (2 hours)
On your own or Guided

The islands are a privately owned natural wildlife sanctuary and a popular destination for boaters. Horseshoe crabs, herons, oyster catchers, egrets, pipers, plovers, osprey, and cormorants are just some of the wildlife here.  The Fish Islands are formed of bedrock, rather than the more malleable glacial deposits that formed the nearby Norwalk Islands, and are startlingly unchanged from the 1850s.  Scheduled group tours:  rentals + $15/adult, $10/child

Round the Bays of Rowayton – Belle Island (2.5 hours)
Self Guided

As you exit the river, you will be going east – left.  Be careful as you cross the boat channel.  On your left you will pass several private beachs and one public (Bayley).  First is the Rowayton Beach Assn, then Wee Burn, Bayley, Roton Point, Belle Island, and Wilson Point. If you continue further you will come to an inlet called Wilson Point.  If you keep going you will see Tavern Island on your right, former home to Broadway Producers (back in the day!)  Roton Point, was a historical amusement park that drew thousands of people in the late 1900s.  View osprey from their nest at the old pier, and all manner of shoreline birds, including egrets, herons, and cormorants.  Enjoy spectacular views of beautiful homes and islands that are not visible from the shore.  Scheduled group tours:  rentals + $15/adult, $10/child.

Farm Creek (3 hours)
On your own or Guided

Join our guides on a paddle up this beautiful tidal estuary and support the Norwalk Land Trust's effort to preserve the area.  The paddle takes about 2.5 hours as we depart Five Mile River and paddle around the bays to Wilson Point and head into Farm Creek.  At high tide you can paddle all around the creek in very still waters and be treated to a variety of wildlife – even deer have been seen to swim across it (though not while kayakers are in the water).  Scheduled group tours:  rentals + $20/adult, $15/child.

Round the Bays of Darien – Scott’s Cove (2 hours)
Self Guided

Enjoy a coastal tour of Darien, past the Tokeneke Club and into Scott's Cove.  Time willing stop at Fish Island for a break on your way back.  Scheduled group tours:  rentals + $15/adult, $10/child. 

Gorham Pond, Darien (3-4 hours)
Experienced Paddlers only, ideally with a Guide

Explore Good Wives River up to Gorham Pond. The coves and shoreline from Rowayton into Darien is stunning. Of course there are amazing homes to view, but little islands, wildlife sanctuaries, small yacht clubs, town beaches – lots of local delights to explore with a guide.  Scheduled group tours:  rentals + $20/adult, $15/child.

Sheffield Island, Norwalk (3-4 hours)
Experienced Paddlers only, ideally with a Guide

This is an adventurous paddle across a boating channel, with the right weather and wind conditions, it's a very worthwhile destination.  For safety reasons we recommend you have a guide.  Great place to go for a picnic, and to tour the historic lighthouse.  Scheduled group tours:  rentals + $25/adult, $15/child – 10 years plus, must have strong paddling skills. Under 16 in a double with an adult.  Includes island fee.  Lighthouse tour additional, this activity is optional but well worth it.

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