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Westport, CT

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Westport Guided Tours
Reservations online or through the stores – call if there's no availability online!

Guided Tour Pricing & Info | Westport Paddling Chart

About the Saugatuck River

The Saugatuck River goes all the way up to Danbury.  Our end of it, from the Route 1 Bridge in Westport center to Long Island Sound, is 1.5 miles.  Like most rivers in the region it was home to many mills supporting local industry.  It’s a very healthy river, thanks to the efforts of Harborwatch and the Saugatuck River Watershed Partnership, and homeowners that live on the river that are environmentally conscious and responsible.

Long Island Sound is downriver, home to the local Norwalk Islands, an archipelago of 25 treasure spots, including the Stewart McKinley Wildlife Reserve and the historical Sheffield Island Lighthouse, or go in the other direction to explore Sherwood Island – where you can get off at the nearest end.   (All islands other than Cockenoe are for  experienced paddlers, and can take 1/2 day or more.  Note there is significant boat traffic).  Upriver, at just the right tide, you can paddle under the Route 1 bridge at Westport center as far as the dam and visit the fish ladder!  This is recommended as a guided tour.

You may visit all the destinations on your own, and there are a few that we offer as guided tours at regularly scheduled times. And of course you may hire a guide at any time to escort you.

Full Moon Tour (2 hours)
Probably our most popular tour, offered in both locations – in September just in Westport.  Kayaks only as it's hard to see where you're going on a paddle board in the dark, and to interpret what the water is doing.  We don't want anyone in the drink!  Paddlers meet on the dock where they're outfitted with lifejackets and paddles, given a review of strokes and skills, light sticks are attached to their life jackets, and solar lanterns to the front of their kayaks.  An hour before dark guides lead you out to the sound (in Rowayton to the Fish Islands) for a serene experience of paddling in twilight.  On the way back you're paddling directly towards a huge moon, bathed in moonlight.  Children 16 years+ unless it's a private tour.  Cost- rentals + $15pp = $60 in a single kayak, $80 in a double kayak.  Reservations online or through the stores – call if there's no availability online!

Family/Beginner Fun on the River (2 hours)

In this high-tide guided paddle our focus is on getting you comfortable, sharing some information on the area, helping you get your bearings, and having some fun.

For the kids we’ll include some games and activities that will entertain and challenge them – you too, if you’re interested!  Doing the limbo as you paddle under the docks, figure-eight around the buoys, ball/sponge games (when it’s hot, this is a welcome activity!), follow the leader, wildlife identification, maybe try out capsizing and see how easy it is to get back in your boat!  See calendar for tour dates:  rentals + $15/adult, $10/child.

Upriver on the Saugatuck (1-3 hours) 2 hours either side of low or high tide to get under bridge
On your own or Guided

Paddle up river, meandering around the coves, and docks, to the bridge at Route 1 in Westport Center.  Depending on the tide, you can go under the bridge and enjoy an even quieter more pristine location – not many houses up here, some businesses.  If you go far enough you will come to the dam, where there is a fish ladder.  Join us for one of our Eco tours to learn more about the fish ladder, dams and Saugatuck River in general.  SUP appropriate – allow 2 hours if going under the bridge.  See calendar for tour dates:  2 hours, rentals + $15/adult, $10/child.

Stony Point (1-2 hours) – high tide
On your own or Guided

Hugging the western shore (right) as you head down river, keep to the right and you’ll find yourself heading around Stony Point – a gorgeous inlet that leads back towards I95, and at high tide you can get that far!  We love this paddle for beginners, SUPers, birthday parties, classes, yoga and meditation.     

Longshore Marina Tour (2 hours)
Self Guided

As you paddle downriver, on the left side you will come across Longshore Sailing School and the Splash Restaurant.  Longshore marina is tucked in behind – if you need to get off and stretch your legs you may, just be careful of a slippery surface at low tide.  See calendar for tour dates:  rentals + $15/adult, $10/child.

Gray’s Creek (2-3 hours)- high tide
On your own or Guided

A secluded paddle at high tide with an opportunity to shout out to your mates enjoying a round of golf at the Compo beach club!  Grays Creek is just before you get to the mouth of the river, on your left, and heads back towards Compo Road, as far as the Minuteman Statue.  Home to Osprey nests.  See calendar for tour dates:  rentals + $15/adult, $10/child.

Bermuda Lagoon (4 hours)

On your own or Guided

Venture out into Long Island Sound and round to the west (right) to enter Bermuda Lagoon, a protected marsh area of diverse habitats; ideal for bird watching and fishing.  See calendar for tour dates:  Rentals + $20 adults, $15 kids. 

Cockenoe Island (kah-KEE-nee), (3-4 hours)
On your own or Guided

There are 25 islands in the archipelago of Norwalk islands, many of which are really more like rocks, and many are private (don’t land on those).  Cockenoe is the closest to the shore from the Saugatuck River.  It’s beautiful – great paddling, swimming, exploring, abundance of wildlife – and supposedly home to buried treasure (home to a geocacheor two!)  It's been a farm, whiskey distillery, and nearly a nuclear plant – before being bought by the town of Westport.  Well worth the time to head out into the Sound.  Check out how clear the water is at the mouth – great shell fishing around here (with a Westport license). The shallow waters around it make snorkeling during low tide in the heat of the summer a favorite pastime.  See calendar for tour dates:  Rentals + $20 adults, $15 kids. 

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